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01-21-2005, 04:10 AM

01-21-2005, 04:25 AM
i remember in the early 90's when lightwave was the topdog in the 3d area. real3d and other trying to battle it... also amiga was what made lightwave and the toaster its name, fame and foundation.

well, it looks like realsoft3d, the former real3d, got a pretty good chance of an amiga port after amigaos4 is out. so will newtek follow up and resume the old battle? ;)

is only a little more than a year since i had to leave my 3 amigas, a500, a1200 and a4000 behind doing a move, and while i dont actually hold any hope for lightwave to return to amigaos anytime soon, i am very excited about amigaos' continued development. some of its features and functioning far outperforming the, in many ways, inferior systems such as linux, macos or windows.


01-21-2005, 04:53 AM
If I get some spare fundage - I think I may drop one of these int a micro box.

I wonde if Hyperion has considered making a version for the new Mac Mini - which we have already ordered.

I think I'll dig out the a1200 from the loft or get the a4000 with 50MHz 060 and PPC 604 working.

It would be great if someone could do a port of open office 2 for it - that and mozilla along with the existing tools and for general office work nothing ese would be needed.


01-21-2005, 04:00 PM
Yeah! I think itīs a really neat board. Overpriced, yes, but in return it will save alot on the electricity. :)

EDIT: I found a video showing Amiga OS4 running on an A1. Looks extremely fast!!!

01-21-2005, 04:14 PM

Well, a Mac version is not likely going to happen, not anytime soon anyways. Eyetech have struck a deal with Hyperion to only allow PPC-mobos with a special boot-rom to be able to run AmigaOS4, a hardware dongle you may say. I think this is a really big mistake, as there are other, cheaper, PPC-mobos that easily could run AOS4, but those mobos are ignored, and to this date, only the Eyetech AmigaONE is certified to run AOS4 (and of course the classic Amigas with PPC-accelerators).

01-22-2005, 07:16 AM
I must say that I don't feel like switching back to the old Amiga, but it looks like a really fast OS, alot faster than 3.0 was. (what I recall)

01-22-2005, 09:23 AM

I had amiga for 7 years. I had amiga 500 after it amiga 1200 with 040/33mhzbefore i buy a pc i had hope that amiga will rocks again. For me information that newtek stop making lw for amiga was a big shock. Lot of time i was waiting for any changes with amiga and i think i could wait for a long time until this day. Sometimes i'm reading some news from this page www.amiga.com.pl and i can say that there are lot of funs of amiga and this all. someppl are makiing some software and this all. I don't think that amiga will be back it's too late i think.

Bye and remeber amiga rulez and amiga os is the best system in history.


01-22-2005, 11:40 AM
amiga was great. it was one of those factors that led me down the computer/3d path i'm still on today..

if i had some spare cash id probably go for one.

back in 92 i was still able to play i think the demo of jungle or desert strike on a A1000..

i think my A500 [+512kb] still works, and i know my A1200/68040, in a [plastic!] tower still works, with zorro slot coard, a cybervision 643d card, 4gb hard drive and v-lab video capture card and a multitude of other stuff hanging out from it..

hmmm.... maybe i'll plug it all in again and see if it was as good as i remember..
[i had those two quite fast emulators - the qnx based one and the other one but i havent got round to making a dedicated pc for them.. not sure if its stil worth it really..]

01-22-2005, 11:54 AM
I used to be a huge Amiga fan. I jumped ship back in '96 when I needed to get a PC to learn QuarkXpress in order to get a job. A couple of my first purchases were Amiga Forever (Amiga emulator package for the PC) and some software that was supposed to make moving files between the Amiga and Windows fairly easy via a null modem cable. I would've loved to have stayed with it longer but the 68000 series processor ended and all the cool upgrades were too expensive for me at the time. ($100+ for a basic ethernet card, $300+ for a 24-bit graphics card with crappy s3 3d acceleration if any, not to mention getting an a4000 to put them in)

It was a sad slow death that drained me of platform fanaticism. The next version of Mac OS X looks really cool and I may switch to MAC (I work on MACs at work and on PCs at home). I just don't feel like learning Linux way of things. I've never known as much about my computers as I did when they were Amigas. Now i just use them.

I do hope things pick up for OS4 and I'd like to see it as a viable platform for personal or work computing. The specs listed in the article aren't promising for a work platform though. :( The don't even have USB2.0. Maybe when I'm more of a thousandaire I'll consider getting one for a hobby box... if I have the time.

Hmm... that article seems to have been written a while ago. They list 3DFX graphics cards being supported. nVidia bought them out a year or two ago and I haven't seen a 3dFX graphics card in ages. nope.. I just checked hyperion's site. they have the article listed as coming out two days ago.

01-22-2005, 03:17 PM
Yeah... Supported Equipment Lists are usually like that. The one for WindowsXP
still mentions the SpeedStar for heaven's sake. :D

Very interesting article! Sounds like the guy did his research. But I noticed one
minor thing I think is in error - I wonder if someone could confirm. He said B5
was on Amiga only for the pilot... I thought I remembered the entire first year
was Amiga and then Mojo persuaded them to go PC... Right? As I remember it
on into the next show they took on they were even still using some Amigas. By
thier 3rd show (maybe it was Duke ??) they were down to "just a few Amigas".
Is that wrong?

A minor point I guess... Still, it might be fun to know.


01-22-2005, 03:35 PM
Yep - the whole first season was done on an army of Amiga 2000's with Video Toaster's in 'em - Ron Thornton did the whole pilot by himself - I think they only had around 5 people doing the LightWave VFX for the first season. As far as the move to PC goes, I guess it was the only logical path - why stick with 25 Mhz 68030's when you could be rendering 20 times faster on a PC? Sad though - probably the Amiga's finest hour :)

01-23-2005, 12:05 AM
Hmm... that article seems to have been written a while ago. They list 3DFX graphics cards being supported. nVidia bought them out a year or two ago and I haven't seen a 3dFX graphics card in ages. nope.. I just checked hyperion's site. they have the article listed as coming out two days ago.

That is true. Before Hyperion strarted to port AmigaOS to PPC, they made some PPC-games for Amiga. To run these games, you needed to have a 3D-accelerated gfx-card, either CyberVision64/3D or PermediaII. However, since Elbox released the Mediator PCI-expansion, they were only able to get hold of the documentation of the old Voodoo-cards. NVIdia at that time, didnīt want to release to much information about thier line of gfx-cards. So, thatīs why the Amiga 3D-API support Voodoo-cards.

01-23-2005, 12:11 AM
I must say that I don't feel like switching back to the old Amiga, but it looks like a really fast OS, alot faster than 3.0 was. (what I recall)

Anyone who SWITCH back to the Amiga is not entirely stable in his mind! :) There will always be Windows and MacOS, but for the fun of it, as a hobby, an AmigaONE is a cool machine. Theoreticly, if Lightwave would run on PPC-Linux, an AmigaONE could be used for that.

EDIT: Yes, AmigaOS4 on A1 is ALOT faster than any other AmigaOS youīve possibly tried. Iīve been using AmigaOS 3.9 on an A1200/060 with Mediator PCI and a Voodoo3 gfx-card. It was fast, but watching the video from A1/OS4 made my jaw drop. :)

Gui Lo
01-23-2005, 01:29 AM
Good article and it was partly the Amigas operational speed that impressed a lot of people.

IMHO leave the super glossy eye candy to Apple and Microsoft and concentrate on user feedback speed. If people can see a noticable difference in speed when they are working then it makes for a much better enviroment.

01-23-2005, 06:37 AM

One time i read that amiga have a spirit and i can agree with that. I remember when my parenst bought me my new amiga 1200/040/33 mhz with 32 mb ram and 850 mb hd and fg-24[framge graber] and this was the best day in my life and the worst day in my life it was when i had to buy pc :( Reason that i had to buy a pc was that newtek remove from amiga :(
Go to www.amiga.com and you can see that now amiga company i seeling a t-shirt with amiga os4 and you can download some background for os.

About amiga lw and b5 i had somewhere article with list movies and series who was made with lw and amiga :) If someone is interested i can send this list to him.


01-23-2005, 12:15 PM
i still have a couple of amiga magazines [well, stacks of 'em.. i'm a hoarder!] , and in a 1993 issue of [doh! i forgot which one] it has a feature on Ron thornton and his setup for B5. sounded like a nightmare! :D

arent a few of the objects that are in the classic content folder with LW some of Ron's early models made for the pilot/trailer of B5?

IIRC, FI [thorntons company, and a source of a lot of inspiration for me] kept their amigas for a short-lived tv series that followed B5 after their main network went to Alphas and then PC's - Hypernauts anyone?

i used to run a apple quadra950 via the shapesifter emulator [i had the fusion one as well] and it was pretty good - almost faster than the real ones..

i would get one of these new amigas as a hobby thing on the side. if the internet side of it is upto i might keep it as an internet/chat machine [or something for the other half to use on the internet - i should see my level of viruses and spyware and general dodgy crud go down, on the laptop that she currently uses.. :D ].
i think the days of its killer apps [imagefx, lightwave, etc] are long gone and so it cant hope to compete in the same market as mac and wintel.
i think it would work in the group that is the hobbyist/home-periodic-user or perhaps as just a net machine [like the emac is aimed at?] - something not like wintel, not too mac-ish, and not [perceived..] as complicated as linux..

01-25-2005, 12:46 PM
I still have my old Amiga 500 somewhere!!

fact is , it was my first computer and i used it with C1text and Deluxe paint the great. then got a bad virus, things were waaay bad, and I got upset and stopped to use computers at all.

then returned to computer (pc) in 2000, but this is another story.

P.S. of course viruses are still here.

it would be fantastic to have an Amiga resurrected for true. maybe it would be a truely working computer , instead of machines exploited for their 30% power as it happens to be with Win... :confused:

01-25-2005, 02:39 PM
I have a few Amiga500, A1200 and currently have working perfectly PegasOS (PowerPC G3 600 MHz, 512 MB RAM, and PCI gfx card with 3D acceleration), which is currently the fastest Amiga-compatible line of computers, it's connected to 19" LCD panel, local ethernet and internet.. And from what I know it's used by first owner as running all-time-time WWW server..

AmigaOS, and new incarnation MorphOS are FAST, fast because they're very simple.. So they don't need as much CPU power as Windows or Linux to satisfing work.. I must say that MorphOS boots after power switch or reset in 2-3 seconds, and it does not use tricks like dumping the whole memory to hard disk and reloading! It's complete standard boot like original Windows does..

But in return if a program is broken, badly written, and crash.. system becomes unstable and other programs running in background can start crashing.. Fast reboot and you're again clean to the next time..

If AmigaOS v4 will be 100% transparently compatible with older versions, it can't have virtual memory and memory protections, unfortunately..

01-26-2005, 02:36 AM
Good old Amiga's days! :)

I still have an Amiga 500, 1200 and 2000 all expanded in various ways.

I have so many good remembers... and some bad ones too... just an example: I spent the same money amout of an actual whole system for a 350MB SCSI HD!
Really funny! :D

I hope (I'm not so confident) in a brand new Amiga's revival... I (and many others) owe so much to that gorgeous machine (not to Commodore... but this is another story)!

01-28-2005, 08:33 PM
It is nice to see that the Amiga is coming back. I think that Amiga is one of the best, if not the best computer platforms on the market.

Thanks mattclary for the link. :)