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01-20-2005, 03:50 AM
Can it possably be made that when the info panel or skelegon tree panel, or ANY panel is opened, that you are allowed to do something with any other part of the program?

With point info panel opened I can't change the weight map to see the distribution of the map.
So if 4 maps on same point and listed in info panel, I can't change anything in viewport to see how they blend, without closing info panel first. :(

Same thing with Skelegon tree panel, nothing can be done with model when it is opened.

And I already know that you can bring up 4 weightmaps at once but how do you decipher the color gradients?

01-20-2005, 03:55 AM
Second thing..Same subject in Layout

In bone weightshade..Layout dogs down to unbelievable molassass slowness.
It's all blue cept for some whiter shades.

Can it be made to show individual weights? 1 at a time? Like in modeler so we can see just what weight maps are doing?

01-20-2005, 04:19 AM
Third thing..in layout...same subject

What is needed for perfect bone deformations.......

Cycling weight maps for bones.

So if a model comes into layout (normally with arms straight out) all bones are auto zero'd as they sit. Not moved, just thier positions are shown as zero.

Now lets see if I can get this across well.

We have built the perfect organic model in modeler, added bones, added basic weights.

We send it to layout.

I'm going with a basic almost default setup (human, arms straight out to the side)

now I rotate the Arm straight up,
OHH bad weight distribution :(

So in modeler I re adjust weights, hit F12, see the update.
I do this untill the skin forms just perfectly with arm raised.

So now I got an ARM RAISED weightmap.

I do the same thing with arm down, arm front,arm back

I now have 5 perfect weightmaps.(4 in a direction, 1 as base)

But I can't change weights on the fly as LW is now. (at least that I know of)

SO can it be done that if I raise the arm straightup 10 degrees I am using 90% of base weight and 10% of ARM UP weight?

And if arm goes forward it uses say 90% of base, 5% of up and 5% of forward weightmap?
With the more up or more forward it moves the more the other weightmaps come into play and the less the base influence is?

So that would work with ANY rotating bones with corrisponding weights to that bone, like the thigh, neck, fingers, dogs legs and such.

And because all organic things move differently, the rotation in degrees translates to a percentage for weight usage,

So arm out equals 0 degrees and arm straight up equals 90 degrees BUT weights are 0% out and 100% when arm is up.

Whatever the limits are when setting movement is the 0 and 100% marks in weight distribution.

Did I explain that correctly?

01-20-2005, 04:26 AM
Also can the motion mixer be finished so it saves morphs in the motions?

And can it be made to keep items selected when working with other items?

I'm making a motion with many bones and objects, as it is now I work on each individually then hit make motion....Now I have to remember all objects and bones moved....

What if you could work a bone or object, and when you go to another, the first stays highlited, and you keep going till motion is ready, hit make motion, use all selected , BAM! done.

So maby set a key>mouse button combo (like CTRL+LMB) and only the object being worked on moves and nothing else, but all moved things stay highlighted?

01-20-2005, 07:20 AM
These are great suggestions , in general

about panels i'd like to see them working quite as it happens in apps like Flash mx, nestable , dockable and magnetic to work with a streamlined ui. it would be similar to xsi too, but with way more possbilities, think about it NT !!

as for weight maps good suggeston as a tool ( but in Lw it is recommended to use the few bone weightmap as possible, because they terribly slow Lw performance. rigging can be made with a very low amount of weights, if not no weights at all.)

i like the bone hightlighting that's a good tool.

another thing i'd like to see for 8.5 or even 8.3 is (if doesn't exists yet) a bone tool wich places a goal on base of the bone, clicking on it so that it would be way faster to add controls for rigging. the tool should have the possibility to leave the goal not parent of the bone, so that we could also place it differently if needed. hope this makes some sense.

As for rigging and animation, i'd like to see a really strong evolution ov IK booster(even if the name says differently). this is a tool that, with a great work could substitute current Lw way to work, offering good possibilities of pose storing, faster rigging functions and more. sure, we have ghosting now, so u're woring on it i see.
but ease of use and possibilities of this tool can and have to be enhanced greatly IMHO

NT guys pls take a look at MB autorigging and animation features, and another inspiration could be The Setup Machine plugin, wich uses a pre constructed skelegons and rigs in seconds.

k. i am going quite sci fi for an 8.5 update. i'd like to see those things maybe at least in... Lw 9 ?