View Full Version : A Viewer, A SCENE Viewer

Ron Schatz
01-19-2005, 10:09 PM
A non-platform dependent scene viewer for lw, so that I may email files to my none lw using customers so that they may load them into the viewer and hit play and be happy.

You can start by using layout and strip out the tool tabs as well as the output render. Then put a interface control panel, forward, back, slower, faster, stop, change camera... Maybe a time of day settings. Suface changer that change 8-10 preset surfaces and can save changes to a lightwave viewer file format (.lwv) as wells as save proof notes so that I recieve the .lwv and update my lws.

I'm coming from the archvis of lw world, so other control panels could be different movement drills or faciel expressions...

The .lwv file format is a proof as well as final end-user product.

This is big boys, big.

I would buy this add-on for $250 right now just who do I write the check to? :cool:

01-20-2005, 04:20 PM
there a lot of projects on their way wich exactly tries to do this.
I'm not well informed about their current status, so I recomend a search in flays plugin database for "realtime", and check them out for yourself.

Other methods, using fbx/quicktime, shockwave or vrml do have too much disadvantages for your proposal.