View Full Version : Live Users - What is your Opinion on VT4 SP1/Stability?

01-19-2005, 09:55 AM
Hi everyone. I recently had a successful show with a VT3 card, and the VT4 software only upgrade. After the show, I made it formal, and popped in the VT4 card - so now I'm running VT4 hardware, older SX-8 breakout, with the VT4 SP1 software.

I use this system throughout the year for large concert applications, and the next set is on the books for the month of March.

I've read recently about lockups and issues with SP1, which seems to be revolving around the editor & CG.

What is everyone's opinion on the stability of VT4 SP1 & the new hardware in a live switching scenario? Our common use is 4-5 component cams in, DVD/VHS inputs, and a couple of DDR's for vid playback/lower thirds, etc - typically 8-10 inputs. Pretty simple, but crucial for live apps.

Are you having pretty good luck, or should I start worrying for the March tours?

Also - how's the new preview out & genlock treating everyone - consistent?

PS - we keep a rack full of Analog Way switchers/scalers as a backup/foreup for the IMAG, in case the VT wants to die/crash. I just want to see what kind of warnings I should send with the techs, as we use the VT4 as a submix, and as the recording mix.

Thanks again for everything - you guys are great.

Shawn Alyasiri
Renaissance Audio Video