View Full Version : VT4 to TMPGEnc to DVD WS to hell and back?

01-18-2005, 05:06 PM
i'm hearing different things on how to do this. since getting VT4, i have yet to make a successful DVD. WS keeps going through the motions with a project that is well under 4GB, gets to the end of buring (after almost an hour) then says, "not enough room on disc!" arrgh.

most people say to create ES type files from TMPGEnc as opposed to System type (i THINK the only difference is that System has the audio embedded?), but now i hear another guy with the same software saying he does only System types out of TMPGEnc and is having great luck with his burns.

maybe that is the key....luck?

i'm starting with rtv/wav files that had been created in Speed Razor (my source files are gone, so this is all i have now), then going into TMPGEnc, where i'm told everything is supposed to come out "legal" and compliant.

not quite sure where the weak link is here. maybe it's all inside my little brain?

anyone, please help if you any light on this....

also, how 'bout a section on this forum specifically for DVD WS questions now that it comes with VT4? i'm guessing it will fill up quickly.