View Full Version : my Crazy idea

01-18-2005, 11:30 AM
I really like what Grolo said in -" My advice to Newtek." and have read it a few times.

My abstarct thought is, if generaly feature requests are for things in LW that exist elsewhere. Wouldnt it make sense for NT to own copies of most of the other apps for ideas, R&D, reverse engineering. An example would be micro-poly dispacement that is in Poser and seems like every app but LW

Look at;

Silo - topology brush

Modo - which is like if LW modeler and Maya had babies - cool guides tool, the macros, history etc missing in LW modeler.

C4D - bodypaint - great UV tools - better than maya which desperatly needs a drag tool to make pulling points/uv faster

XSI, Maya, Messiah - deformers, rigging, the bar everyone uses for how to do Character animation.