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01-18-2005, 10:46 AM
I know this is kind of a pie in the sky request but I find myself often asking "how would/could i do that in LW?" example - www.cgtoolkit.com -muscle TK or any of the Hyper-real rigging dvds by Alias.

And looking at the feature request polls theres certainly others that would like to see the ability to make muscles etc in LW.

Perhaps some convoluted venture with 3rd party plugins like KO_Polyfit , smartmorph www.polas.net and using muscle bones is the answer.

The biggest problem when it comes to trying to make a muscle rig in LW is the fact that you need modelers tools in layout. Im actually a fan of the apps being seperate but this is a huge problem in this area where u want to sculpt deformation. Perhaps the ablilty to drag verts/ploys or can select sets of polys and verts and move them is a solution.

I'm looking forward to the 8.2 update, and hope more Character and rigging tools are in the works for 8.5. I recognize that CA tools have been added and a focus of LW for several consecutive versions, but it can't stop or slow down. I hate to use the M words. But ive often wondered why LW cant just go dont the list of maya deformers and start implementing those. Clusters, wire deformers etc, Set Driven Key thats are native to LW. Or why Messiah was never merged into LW or atleast used as another influence for LW's tools. Heck youd even get ppl that know how the tools work and practically piggyback tutorials and uses. Too many tools come from 3rd parties that are just standard elsewhere.

Perhaps the perception is that exotic things like muscle rigs and movie quality Character animation is not being done in LW so theres no need or audience for it. But thats a losers attitude. And will leave LW as just a modelling tool, that on occasion gets used to render animation generated in other apps until its totally out of the pipeline. I guess the bottom line is for LW to be considered and used as a highend package, it needs to have highend tools. Character animation tools.

01-18-2005, 11:11 AM
I more than agree - not so much for the character related point of view but for the simple request of flexible and usable deformers. I'm a technical/ fx/ broadcast graphics guy and don't need much along the lines of muscle flexing, but even such a thing as simple page turns (yeah, for cheese company promos) is just a major task in LW - tons of Endomorphs and it still doesn't look right. In Maya I can just stack a few bend deformers and it looks great. I seriously hope LW improves in that area about 10000% and very quickly since even the current few deformers (bend, twist etc.) are extremly unpredictable and hard to use.