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01-18-2005, 09:44 AM
I posted this to [email protected] as well, since I don't know if this
has ever been addressed by others in order to be included in 8.2 or not.
I sure hope it could be!!! (pretty please Peter?)

LW 8.0.1, Intel, Win2K, sp4

Bug 1 Description:

When switching from TCB or Hermite spline interoplation
methods for incoming and outgoing curve points (keyframes)
TO Bezier, the shape of the curve is not maintained, ei.
it becomes "corrupted" by deviating FAR from the original
shape. For example, setting Tension = 1 (C & B = 0) on
two points of a curve, then changing to Bezier, the curve
snaps into a linear curve... the shape of the tension = 1
curve is lost and must be re-edited to obtain an approxi-
mation. Sometimes the curve changes to having large "humps"
between two indenticle valued keys, with wildly diverging
tangent handles.

Feature 1 description:

Related to Bezier implimentation, tangent handles need to
be treated as locked for normal editing movements. Currently
they are semi-locked in that moving one does move the other,
but the other moves disproportionately in angle and in length.
Unlocked tangents are currently implemented via holding the
ALT key down while dragging, which is good.

Feature 2 description:

Related, tangent handles need to implement "snapping" to the
horizontal and verticle when the SHIFT key is held down while
dragging on the handle. This will triple workflow since the
user will never have to zoom far in to each point to magnify
the angular deviation from horizontal or verticle tangencies
to the curve to obtain perfect curve ease-in's and ease-out's.