View Full Version : Toast 03 Donations Total.

04-14-2003, 02:01 PM
As promised, I received the total from the MGM today and here are the final figures.
The bill was $5,042.88.
The pre-event donations came to $4,225.00
The Event Donations came to $705
The Total was $4,930.00

Not too bad.
I again want to thank everyone who pitched in to make this event possible.
While acknowledging, for many who gave $25 or so, it might have been just as hard, I need to pass a special thanks to Bradley Audio and Video of AZ-Ken Weaver, who made a $2,500 donation!
If I can get a couple commitments like his, I can guarantee we'll continue this event next year and beyond.

Thanks again to all who contributed for helping to make my biggest contribution my time and efforts. It has been well worth it.

See you all at Party version 4, whatever it's called by then. :)