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01-14-2005, 04:47 AM
Hi Everyone,

Like many of you and many companies around the world, we were looking forward to the year 2005. It is going to be a special year for Click, because it will be the first year that we market our own made products that complement products such as LightWave and the VT. Initially, we wanted to market each product separately, but we decided to bundle the products all together for the next 3 months. And instead of the retail price of approx US$295, we are giving the entire collection on DVD for only US$99.

What do you get for the US99$?
Here is a link for a complete list

If you do not have time to browse, here is a brief description:

1. LightWave Training Series (worth USD 99)

CD1 - LightWave Architectural Modeling & Rendering for Beginners CD2 - LightWave Space Ship Modeling & Rendering for Beginners CD3 - LightWave Character Rigging for Beginners.
CD4 - LightWave Special Effects for Intermediate Level CD5 - LightWave Logo Magic 1 for Intermediate Level.
CD6 - LightWave Logo Magic 2 for Advanced Level

2. Click DVEs

Click Robotic and Industrial DVE Series (50+) for VT users - PAL ..(worth USD 99) Click Robotic and Industrial DVE Series (50+) for VT users - NTSC ..(worth USD 99) Bonus of 5 additional DVEs which can be customized with your own ..company logo

3. Click Interface for NewTek DVE Compiler

If you find it difficult to compile your warped images meddling with Dos commands, here is an easier and intuitive way of compiling not only one by one but as many DVEs as you want using only a few mouse clicks (we love the word click).The Click Interface for NewTek DVE Compiler program includes error checking for missing images, and many other features.

Finally, there is a good reason and a worthy one, to give the bundle at US$99. The last few days of December 2004 have been very sad, especially if you live in our region. We have all heard, seen it on TV or read it in your local news. As much as we were all sad we were touched too by the response of everyone around the world. I do not remember in my life time the world coming together for such a good cause. Basically to help other humans regardless of location, race color and you all know the rest.

So we have decided to do our part too. We decided that all the proceeds (minus shipping charges, we are still negotiating with our shipper to waive the charges) for this collection for the next 3 months (starting in Feb 2005) will go to selected Tsunami Relief Funds. After April 2005, the collection will cease to exist, and will be sold separately for US$99.

Just remember, for the record, if you decide to purchase the collection, you will get a product. It is Click that is donating the money. So if you want to donate money to such charity, please do so directly.
So if you are interested, please enter your email only for the time being. If you cannot just email me directly at [email protected]

The products are ready, but we are now testing our PayPal payment gateway. When we are ready to receive payment (before the end of this month), we will let you know.

Ahmed O. Balfaqih
Founder/M. Director

Paul Lara
01-14-2005, 05:41 AM
This is AWESOME, Ahmed!

I cannot wait to see this collection.

01-14-2005, 06:41 AM
Very nice Ahmed,

I too and looking forward to seeing this.
especially the DVE complier ;)

Happy New Year to you and your famlies and staff!