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01-10-2005, 09:23 PM
VT4 with SP1 running on a dual P4 with an earlier VT2/3 card
I'm trying to get away from dead Speed Razor and use TED.
First project that I'm trying to do this completely with VT4 apps.
SX8 routing RS232
Machine control for both a Ampex CVR75 and a SONY DSR70 is fine.
I build my list in Batch Capture, and all is well (usually)
I then tell it to capture all.
Routinely it craps out somewhere along the way with:
Batch Capture Error
Unable to keep up with this capture configuration

The config is D1 uncompressed, and the audio is default config of highest quality uncompressed.

I'm recording to a striped set of 4 internal Seagate Cheetah 10K 147's so surely this isn't a speed issue, but what else could it be? Short clips (20 - 40 seconds) will complete more often than long clips. (4 - 5 minutes).

This is consistently failing. I need a real fix quick.
Speed Razor grabs seem to work OK V5.5

I completely rebuilt the host system when I loaded the VT4 release. VT4 is the only application running on the box. 1GB of memory.....

Geez this is frustrating!

01-11-2005, 08:43 AM
I agree. With all the things that shouldn't go wrong, getting the footage into the machine is probably near the top of the list!

Try changing the advanced deck control parameters for 'Seek' and 'Preroll' from 'Hardware' to 'Software'...

Then there's the usual stuff: non-continuous timecode, NDF, not enough preroll etc.

Above all, PLEASE email Newtek about this! We MUST, MUST have accurate & reliable batch capture!!!