View Full Version : About the HUB, again ...

01-08-2005, 09:58 AM
Just thinking about the Hub, some of us diseable the hub. I am working this way.

Cause when I get a crash, I don't know exactly if the change I did in the Layout was updated in the Modeler (mostly for surface ) etc...

As some ppl asked too merge the Layout and the Modeler, may help for a lot of things. ( animate vertex, only one window in commun ( ex: surface or image window) etc.... I don't want to bring back the polemic about merging, it's more about hub.
In the past, it was supposed to support tools like photoshop, etc... I don't see the profit - only to keep Layout and Modeler working together without the "save object" pass.

Just in case you wish to keep LW in seperate program (I don't see why , cause know you got a tream working together on the same program). Try to make one executable and a swap icon to switch " la" XSI or Softimage ( working as module) but in one common interface.