View Full Version : More font problems

01-05-2005, 07:10 PM
I am trying to use the New Venice font. The only Mac version I have been able to find is here: http://www.masterstech-home.com/the_library/font_samples/font_indices/n.html

It behaves very weirdly, though. When I try to load the TrueType version, all I get is the boxes that mean there isn't a character for that keystroke. When I try to load the T1 version, I get told it's not a T1 font. LW will let me load the T1 version as a TT font, it will produce the word I'm looking for, but the inner spaces of the "g" and the "e" are not cut out and because of some weird normal flipping, I can't get the spaces cut.

Can anyone get this font to behave? Can you tell me how?