View Full Version : Batch capture still broke?

01-03-2005, 08:36 PM
Ok, I installed VT[4] SP1 and to my delight the Mark buttons seem to be working!

1) I often lose deck control which I can only regain by opening the Configure panel next to the selected deck control, and selecting 'Add' again.

2) The Preroll and Trim selections in the Configure panel do not remain constant - even when saved as a new preset... ex: If the trim is '0' & I select a trim of '1' and close the panel using the 'Add' button then reopen the trim is now '-6'!

3) Batch capturing a test DF clip with LTC and matching VITC results in an accurate '.Timecode' file being generated, however the 'In' point is 1 frame early and the 'Out' point is 15 frames late (with the clip pad set to 0).

4) Cannot get 'Hardware Preroll & Seek' to work, have to resort to software emulation in the 'Config' panel.

5) If you mark a new in point for an already performed capture event, you get an odd entry... for example, if the in point was 00:01:13;15 and the new marked number is 00:02:02;04 the new entry is 01:16:21:10!

I am confident that my deck is working correctly - I also did a test capture on another system (DPS) in Premiere and the clip captured perfectly.

On an interesting note, I tried a DV deck and #3 disappeared!

01-04-2005, 04:35 AM
I am not shure how VT recognize the decks that are connected but in other system there usally is a special written file for each deck or a serie of decks. If anyone would like to figure out whats wrong or why they cant communicate the deckmodel should be listed. One could not expect the same result from a consumer deck as from a pro deck...Hope everything works out for you....and that someone else have a solution.