View Full Version : looking for animator in Melbourne (paid)

01-02-2005, 04:31 PM
I'm swamped with work at the moment and my animating skills aren't quite up to it. I have objects characters and environments, but I need some help animating human figures interacting with various objects and environments. I need someone who can work quickly enough to meet deadlines.

The work is for a client who produces training vids, so people with corporate / educational experience would be favoured.

The work is paid, so I am only looking for people with professional experience. I would prefer someone living in Melbourne, but I'm prepared to consider folks from other parts, as long as you have your own gear.

I'd be expecting you to quote for the work that needs to be done.

If this works out you could expect more work, as the client is a steady customer who often demands more than my one person shop can produce.

Leave a reply and I'll send you a message, or look at my website (http://www.fxscript.org/me.html) for my contact details.

01-04-2005, 03:41 AM
Stib i might know someone who might be interested in it.

What level of detail do u want and what deadline?

Could u post some screen shots of the models u have?

01-06-2005, 08:05 PM
Thanks to everyone who got in touch, I've found someone to help me with this project.