View Full Version : how do i change a bone heirarchy in layout without my mesh breaking apart

01-01-2005, 01:46 PM
I'll try to explain my problem as simply as possible.

I'm not particularly experienced with character rigging and so havent spent as much time playing around with bones and things in layout, so obviously arent entirely sure how different settings in layout affect the way that bones control the mesh.

I've set up a character rig with a simple bone heirarchy for the arm - deltoid; shoulder; bicep; elbow; forearm; hand. The shoulder and elbows are control bones used to control the orientation of the shoulder and elbow manually when working with IK. All relatively straightforward so far???

Ok. What has happened is that after rigging my character and starting to manipulate the bones into various poses i've found that i've made some quite obvious and incredibly dumb mistakes with my arm heirarchy.

My forearm is parented directly to the bicep and the bicep is parented directly to the deltoid, instead of the forearm being parented to the elobow control, and the bicep being parented to shoulder control. Which basically makes these two control bones useless.

Now for my problem. How on earth do i make changes to the heirarchy NOW without affecting my mesh or the way that the bones deform it. I've tried deactivating all the bones and making the changes but when i reactivate the bones my mesh is garbled in places and doesnt align correctly to the bones.

01-01-2005, 03:30 PM
ten minutes away from the computer does a world of good.

I've figured things out for myself. However, any advice on this matter would be greatly received. I'm a little wiser and will know better next time.

01-01-2005, 03:56 PM
So what did you do to resolve issues?

Normally just reresting (Record bone rest position; hotkey 'r') the bones whos position/orientation/hierchial placement you've altered will have the mesh snap back into place.

When you create a new bone or convert skelegons you are also automatically assigning each bone a set of vertices (unless your using weightmaps). By reresting you're basically telling LW to reevaluate the placement of the selected bone(s) and reassign vertices.