View Full Version : Motion Mixer load/save/load from scene

12-30-2004, 05:03 AM
I've been playing with this ahead of trying to use it to sort out some character work, but I'm running into problems.

I've a heavily subdivided plane to which I have added bones via 'draw bone' and then I drew 5 child bones. The bones were then activated so that, when rotated in P at frame 30, the plane curls up. Nice and simple.

Motion Mixer was used to add the plane as an actor and the bones were then added as items for this actor, making a total of 7 items. The motion was then imported happily as 'curl' and added to the timeline. This all works without issue. I can edit the motion in the timeline, etc. just as you would expect.

When I come to save the scene and reload it (or use load from scene) though, it all goes wrong. Using either the same, or a fresh, instance of Layout shows rotation only being applied to the root bone (none of the child bones rotate at all). Motion Mixer shows that there are now only 2 items in the motion. It also fails to allow the 'curl' motion to be edited in any way.

Ideas / comments would be very welcome as, at this point, Motion Mixer seems buggy in the extreme. I'm currently running 8.0.1 if that makes a difference.