View Full Version : LW converting video files

12-30-2004, 01:16 AM
I thought I would do some testing and see what happens, I was able to load wmv files into the image editor in LW, set it as background and render an avi file.
The 1024x768 file apparently is too large for my 1.6ghz pent 4 system and skipped a lot of frames, but the 320x240 converted with no problem.
All this time I have been looking for a wmv to avi converter and I had one under my nose the whole time, what makes this even better is that I can add all the fx features in the image editor to my videos such as water mark. Now thats cool. :D
With the bonus of rendering to quicktime.
Since that worked I thought about trying an mpeg2 file, got as far as frame 14 and then hit a runtime error. Oh well, maybe Newtek will finish this feature I ran across. One more note to Newtek, reducing the resolution via camera panel, removes to much detail. I am hoping Newtek will be adding rendering to these formats soon as well.
One more note, I am using ver 8.0.1 on a pc.