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12-29-2004, 09:49 PM
first of all, am i in the right place on this forum to be asking about "universally-compatible" DVD creation? i realize this is Toaster world, but i have the VT3 card and edit on Speed Razor (though this will probably change soon with the demise of in-sync and my probably upgrade to VT4).

anyway...at this point, trying to go from SR-created rtv files to a DVD. i've made many DVD's in the past, as mpeg-2's encoded right off the SR timeline. pretty seamless and problem-free, but now i'm finding that some of these DVD's are not readable (especially at the mass-duplicator house!). the audio has to be either linear (uncompressed?) PCM or ac-3...neither of which SR will do.

from SR, i've tried encoding out as an avi, then into TMPGEnc, then into DVD Lab, and i get a great-looking video, but the audio levels go up and down like a roller coaster several times within my 10 second test clip. i've tried taking these rtv/wav files into VT3 and then exporting from there as an uncompressed D1, with PCM audio, then into TMPGEnc, then DVD Lab, and i get the same results as above.

i'm using the trial version of TMPGEnc 2.5, with the rtv plug-in. any ideas?

also, if TMPGEnc is set to "PCM" audio at the beginning, does that guarantee that it will be converting my wav or other audio to "legal" PCM audio when it outputs? how do you know when the disc is done that the audio is ac-3 or PCM or not?

lots of questions, i know, but i'm really under the gun now, and no one at in-sync is answering...very very frustrating.

thanks for the listening to this bonehead. feel free to reply to my email address at [email protected]

j. tad newberry

12-31-2004, 06:59 AM
Don't know what to tell you except, buy a Mac and switch to Final cut and DVD studio Pro. :) j/k. All I can tell you is that every DVD player out there will read the AC3 format. but how to get your audio to AC3 from Speed Razor, I don't know. Sorry.

01-02-2005, 10:21 AM
actually, we are using FCP HD with DVD Studio Pro for our HD tv show, but i'm also keeping my old VT3 / Speed Razor NTSC system around for the time being. i got some answers on the Yahoo forums about getting my PC audio to ac-3.

i'm about to make the plunge into VT4, mainly because:

- in-sync looks they are dying and won't be around much longer, so editing in SPeed Razor seems to soon be defunct;

- i really need an authoring program with ac-3 capability!.

now, i know DVD WS offers ac-3 conversion, but does it rely on the TMPGEnc plug-in (which requires a tricky internet connection for validation) or is it a plug-in of their own that stays away from the TMPGEnc version?

j. tad newberry

also, what is the status of the latest VT4 patches, issues? in other words, how "stable" is the main version, and how well are the patches doing?