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12-28-2004, 02:58 PM
Please Newtek,

We need tools that all work together properly to achieve fluid character animation.

All channel modifiers should be able to communicate with the result of others. Also, each should be able to be blended on and off.

What about the equivalent of an ALPHA layer that you can put above a modifier, controlled by a channel, or slider to blend the previous modifiers effect on and off.

Dynamic parenting should be solid and blendable, not hidden away and full of quirks.

Spline IK for bendy arms etc

Muscle bones should be just 'there' without having to make them with plugs or expressions.

An integrated Isner Spine system with options of numerous control points for use on long necks etc.

An under-skin muscle system could be made by having custom effectors that are affected by bones and displace the skin above.

Options in IK to have absolute LOCK to goal rather than that weird popping thing when a limb is near to being straight.

The option of a secondary IK pass where one chain can read info from another in the order you choose.

Make one click optional links to sliders or other channels on envelopes.

Everything should have an envelope. such as goal strength on IK etc.

The ability to parent to vertices without the rigmarole of dynamics would be nice.

Cloth should be able to be used for clothing.. at the mo it's not really. It's ok for curtains etc but it's collisions are pretty terrible. It can't handle complex crumpling.

I'm sure I have many more requests that I can't think of right now.

12-28-2004, 07:37 PM
I could do with abit of that!

I've been thinking about a feature request that would pretty much mean a complete overhaul of the animation architecture (yeah, I know, keep dreaming!). It includes something that looks simular to Motion Mixer. (You can also work in an alternate nodebased view). But instead of just being able to a lay out clips of keyframed motions, you can place clips of almost anything and create blends between them just as easily as you can add transitions in Motion Mixer. Motion modifiers, parenting, even IK would be assigned as a clip (and with IK separate like this perhaps we could have several different IK/Spine/etc solvers???). To alter settings of a clip, just bring up the right-click menu and choose to enter it's settings panel. To setup IK-FK blending just add another clip/node ontop of the already existing FK(Default) and IK clips and set it to blend between their values depending on ... whatever.

I'm thinking this would be all available in "The panel formely known as Graph Editor" that is able to show three (four) kinds of views - graphs, dopesheet, and the motion clips (+the node view). Look at one view or look at all at once! It's all integrated and working together like peanut butter and jelly. Move a motion clip and see dopekeys shift along with it and see of how things change, don't just assume anymore!

Something like this would kill a whole lot of flies in one BIG blow. It would mean better overview, blending of everything, less "panel surfing", allow layered animation, and more!

Ofcourse just like in Motion Mixer we would have to first be able to create groups (that can be selected and referenced like any other item) for things to work really well.

And btw, in my dreams all this works flawlessly! :)

(I've got limited experience with other programs. So if there's something like this out there already please tell me!)

12-29-2004, 08:19 PM
Does it help if I say .... yah ... to what those guys said?