View Full Version : Paintball gear to trade for computer hardware

12-27-2004, 01:42 PM
Well, I think it's finally time that I upgraded my VT[1] to VT[4] (I know, I know, it's way overdue, but for the video work I do, I can still work quickly on it, and I crank out 1/2 hour shows in an afternoon so I can't complain too much.) That upgrade means that in addition to software from the good folks in San Antinio I also need a new mobo, CPU and RAM.

I'm looking for someone who has a computer shop, and is into paintball who wants to barter for the hardware.

I've got a pristine Matrix LCD (it's been in the role of back-up, only used for review, while I rip the field with the limited edition Matrix that I upgraded to LCD)


You can see more of it here:

Depending on total value of the computer gear, I can add goodies to the package like multi-diameter barrel sets, HALO high-speed loaders, goggles, packs, etc. to work something equitable.

If interested in seeing what we can work out, please drop me an e-mail through the forum.