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12-27-2004, 08:55 AM
I would appreciate some feedback on an animation I have created for my holiday DVD. This is not a commercial project, just for my own use. I have not added any sound but in the version that goes to DVD there will be music and sound effects also.

Is there anything that I could improve on?

The starfield looks a little dark but on the TV it's actually fine (I rendered with enhanced low AA).

The background is a mixture of my own work and someone else's. I was working on a starfield when I came across this awesome pic of Orion's belt, so I decided to incorporate it into this (well it's a private project so I take it I can).

Attached are some screencaps. The animation is 2.1mb and in .wmv format (link below).




12-27-2004, 10:34 AM
Hi there Adrian,

First of all so many techniques for me to learn :) many things I liked. For my tastes I might consider some alterations, but personal projects are just that so long as YOU'RE happy with the result :)

Alt tabbing and commenting chronologically while watching the animation so its fresh:

The background image is very nice. I might hold this bare for another second or so to absorb it, maybe fade it in from black to the starfield image while people ready themselves to watch it.

0-7seconds Title section. Loved it, nice effects, I wouldn't change it.

I liked the laser etching effect. So I guess I would be looking to change the quality of the land mass green colours and white text. There was an overall feeling of over saturation of colour which looked out of place with the background.

It's one of those things I'd tinker around with in photoshop (because thats how I work). Some things I might try:

* Have a transition on the background from colour to desaturated (grayscale or a percentage there of). If that is too much then a desaturated vignette of the center area around the land mass, aiming to soften.

* Subtle Drop Shadow (Black?) around the white text to soften and stand out on any background colours
* Coloured Text with a lighter outter glow subtle like a neon tube (think lightsabre)
* Change the quality of the green land - vary it, add darker shades of green to better match the quality of the background image (break up the area fill).

Its hard to know what might work without being able to play with the images myself, but thats how my brain starts to work with 2d Graphics like photoshop for presentation.

I like what you've done and one day I hope to learn such methods in my future with lightwave etc.

Hope you had a good Christmas and Happy New Year ! :)

Take Care


12-27-2004, 12:14 PM
Very nice. The laser etching could move along a little faster for my taste.