View Full Version : Faster D3D/OpenGL support

12-27-2004, 03:54 AM
Faster UI!!! I want to say rendering, but in this world, rendering means ray-tracing. :)

The spinning of complex models inside modeler (or layout), can be slow... real slow. And theres just no excuse.

I just got my exporter working to my games 3D engine, and its so much faster its unreal. Now while I dont expect the same performace as a game (which would be nice!), I do expect it to be far quicker than it is.

i.e. The sample model of the space shuttle (shuttle_endeavour.lwo) loads and is slow to spin around... real slow. About 1 or 2 frames per second.

If I export this to my engine, it'll run easily at 70hz (over 70 frames per second). But this is a game engine, so hay... I dont expect that. But thats at least 70 times faster! Theres no reason that LW cant get a 10 to 20 times speed increase inside modeler with a good D3D or OpenGL rendering system.

This would make editing a dream, and benfit EVERYONE. I'd say go hire a games programmer, and he/she will pump those polys through for you no bother at all!!