View Full Version : searching for SMD plugin exported for LW

12-26-2004, 12:08 AM
i'm working in a game mod, and i use Lightwave to model the characters. 3D platforms like Maya 3Ds max and Xsi use an export plugin to export SMD files and compile the SMD animation to the source engine of Half Life 2. :rolleyes:

i know how to work with maya that support SMD export for Haf life 2 but i prefear to stick with Lightwave3D. ;)

i am disapointed that Valve software made SMD plugin exporter for Maya and they didnt consider one for Lightwave 3D :\ :mad:

at this point i dont know if there is an SMD exporter for LW, but i would like to know if any one is working on developing it if posible. :confused: