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Thomas M.
12-24-2004, 03:50 AM
It's not 100% 3D related, but keeps me from working in 3D. I've got a PC and Mac. Before x-mas I wanted to copy all my 3D content from the Mac to a PC HD I wanted to take with me on vacations. I knew there would be issues, but hoped to have solved everything last time by renaming all files to a PC friendly version. But again, error (-43) and the message that some files can't be found. All my files and drives are 100% o.k. It's all related to some PC-Mac problems. Is there a trick?! I can copy the files one by one and it works, but if I want to copy all the folders with the files it doesnt work. Please give me an advise.

Merry x-mas to all of you and thanks so far for the help and advise given during the last year.

12-27-2004, 10:20 PM
I have a feeling it has to do with the filing structure of macs and pcs. Try creating a folder in the top folder or root folder one of each images, objects and scenes.
Then copy these folders back and forth. I think for you to not get an error when your copying folders is for the folder to not have any parent folders that get listed in the directory.
If you burn the folder to a cd it should would as that folder would be in the top folder of the cd.
I wish I could help more, but I don't have a mac to do any testing. Good luck

12-30-2004, 03:15 PM
Well I'd rather say that the filing structure different on Mac and PC should NEVER cause any issue there because LW manages all files in a single folder : the Content directory.
So if you're sure that you copied and pasted a whole Content directory there should
not be any trouble.

Though what could cause you issue (I had this some time ago as I also
switched and had to copy my LW files from Mac to PC) is rather the NAMES
of the files. Because typo structure are also different on both plateforms.
For example special characters are oftenly not recognized and even sometimes
replaced by other ones from an OS to the other. You'd check all your file names
(after copy on your PC) to be sure that there are identical (especially if you get
messages saying that a file is not found).

Eventually try to test the transfert with a new Content directory you
create for on your Mac (with all sub-folders "objects", "images", "scenes"…)
containing few light files. Files must of course be "linked", I mean create a scene
using the objects and maybe 1 or 2 image files as maps.
Try again with this simple, light folder.
If it works it's that on your other Content folders some file names have changed
from Mac to PC, OR it's that your Content folders were not correctly setted
(which would look more than what Silkrooster said).

If it does not work well… come back !