View Full Version : multiple light intensity

12-23-2004, 11:09 PM
I'm working on a model of my house. I have an area light set up for each window in the house to act as sunlight coming in through the windows. I would like to be able to adjust the intensity of each area light simultaneously. How can I do this? Can I tie this value into a slider or into a master light of some kind?

12-24-2004, 12:02 AM
I don't recall what version of Lightwave your using. Anyways, in ver 8 you can use the scene editor, select all lights and then change the value for all of them to once.
If you select all lights and then all light intensity from the property page, you can then create a null object and apply a slider to that null. Then you can add the light intensity for each light to a slider. Notice I said each, it creates a slider for each light. As far as I know it would be necessary create a script or plugin to group all lights into one slider. I am sure someone who knows how to use lscript can tell you how to do this.