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12-22-2004, 05:40 PM
this is bike #1, bike#2 is 95% complete.


12-23-2004, 12:57 AM
Well it's very nicely modelled but I think you need to work on the texturing, especially the brown bits because they look quite flat (and not shiny) right now.

You need to work on the headlight texture too I think.

You've done a good job on the chrome so you don't need to change that.


12-23-2004, 02:26 AM
Looks to me like it should be glossy but hasn't got anything to reflect in the environment

12-27-2004, 08:53 PM
bike # 2, #3 in progress -TCC

12-28-2004, 12:02 AM
they look very good to me, mebe make the headlight have some sort of effect where there is a lens flare or some bloom or something

12-28-2004, 04:05 AM
:D Gorgeous modelling...


12-28-2004, 05:44 AM
:eek: :eek: Once again im blown away, thats absolutley amazing :eek: :eek:

12-29-2004, 10:51 AM
Is it possible to put a star filter on the camera lens in lightwave?? Is there a plug-in out there that will do that.

I think that a star filter effect would help a lot. A bike show environment would help too. The room that you are using for the bike makes it look not so real.

You did a good job of modeling the bikes. They look fantastic

12-29-2004, 11:58 AM
These are pretty spiffy.
Looks like something off of the American Chopper show.

I've always wondered why the gas tanks are so small on these machines. It looks like the extra gas tank size would at least fill in the large space below.

Is there are reason for this?

12-29-2004, 06:22 PM
The tanks are so small basically to keep the slim backbone to the stretched out chopper look. On more practical bikes, the tanks are bigger. Certainly choppers aren't the most practical bikes, but they're not built to be practical.

American Chopper is my inspiration for these bikes. I'm doing at least six different models for a final picture of my custom chopper collection. I don't own a real street bike, but I want to put together a pic with me and six custom bikes as a promo pic. Keeps me busy.

12-30-2004, 09:28 PM
Excellent modeling and lovely renders. A few highlights on the top bike will probably take care of whatever small criticims there were. Radiosity tends to even things out, sometimes too much. Also, do the same thing with it's headlight that you did with the Sci-fi chopper's headlight (and please, no lens flares).

Can't wait to see the rest of the set. That ought to keep you busy for a good long time. At least you can use the same engine model for all of them.

Happy New Year.


01-15-2005, 03:08 PM
3 down, 3 to go....


01-15-2005, 03:47 PM
Another masterfully crafted and rendered bike. You've got the shiny textures and chromes down to a fine art.

As an aside, I still think the best representation you had of the headlight was on the SciFi bike. Headlight bright and on. I favor that, but that's surely a matter of personal opinion. From the engineering standpoint, were someone to try to built this beauty, I'll bet they'd use a tubular frame. Too many hp to handle for this type of open, light-weight frame, I think. But that's neither here nor there and by no means detracts from the superb work you've done here. :D

Thanks for sharing,


01-15-2005, 05:36 PM
for the kudos and you are quite right about the frame. No one would want to deal with the frame I've assembled here, but that's the idea. Trying to come up with ideas that are non-standard. By bike # 6 I'd love to have a design that a bike builder would say "who could make that??!!" but there's fine line between that and someone saying "who WOULD build that!?"

I agree about the headlight, and I will do that when I render the bikes for the final image. This project has sure helped me to

A) keep my skills tuned during slow business and

b) learn all the newer features of LW 8

01-16-2005, 12:09 AM
:D Gorgeous...


01-28-2005, 05:28 PM
Finally got my second wind on this project. I am looking forward to completing the final with all 6 bikes.

01-29-2005, 06:17 AM
Wowwwww,looks cool,Very nice.

01-29-2005, 08:57 AM
As ever, beautifully executed and rendered. I just noticed the engine with the powder coated red on the cylinder. That is the effect that OCC had done on the Lance Armstrong chopper, and I thought with great success. Love it and looking forward to the rest of the series. Keeping busy, are you? I am teaching high school science at this time, and find virtually zero time for my hobby right now. So it goes. Ups and downs. :rolleyes:


02-07-2005, 10:38 PM
Great job, and some extra specular highlights or reflection mapping to gloss up the painted surfaces to match the chrome work would be +++. I like to use a few low intensity point lights when refection mapping (shadows off) to boost fluid curves along metal. Also, such a nice model deserves some extra exposure - and it would look nice to use a reflective white surfaces as your floor. A large "half egg cyclorama" acts as both a backdrop and can serve as a good enviornment for reflections. If you place your other models out of camera sight to act as 'showroom' reflections. - It may be worth the time it takes to render. great work.

02-15-2005, 06:59 PM
five down, one to go and then I'll start the work on the composite

02-18-2005, 08:37 PM
Man great work ! I know how much time this had to take, I started one and didnt complete yet.. need a lot of work on my engine... Congrats and keep on building more ! I love to see awesome bikes like these... excellent texturing and paint too !

Here's a link to my unfinished bike... a have a long way to go!


02-19-2005, 12:31 PM
I like your head lamp glass and aging on your bike. How did you achieve your headlamp?

02-19-2005, 11:31 PM
Amazing work yet again mate, my only crit would be that the handle bars would be hard to hold at that angle. Also would you mind posting a wire of your tires? im trying to make some like this and was wondering home you made them.

Thanks and keep up the awsome work.

02-20-2005, 05:37 PM
Handlebars are stretched out a bit, thanks for the comments.............here's a wireframe overlay


02-24-2005, 04:29 AM
thanx for that, will have to see how i go with making my own. Im curious as to the polly count of these bikes, lots of very fine detail which i really love.

02-24-2005, 01:50 PM
this bike was 203,768 polygons

02-24-2005, 07:20 PM
ah thats not to bad, the car im working on at the moment (here (http://www.Bebo.com/friends/4711717a1479222b0 )) is around 650k for the enitre scene :o . Anyway love your work.

03-13-2005, 07:01 PM
this one's in the category of getting real stretched out and a little crazy on design

03-13-2005, 07:41 PM
That is some fantastic work that you have here. If you don’t mind me asking. Just how did you make those good looking exhaust systems?

03-13-2005, 07:53 PM
I have one more question. Do you make bikes like this for a living?

03-14-2005, 01:01 AM
once again its absolutley amazing..

03-14-2005, 07:08 AM
Thanks for your comments

exhaust systems:

you'd think this is pretty straight forward in modeler, but the easiest tools to use don't do a good job. Rail extrusion just does not do a good enough job. I actually just bend pipe. I first sketch a path as a guide. I then make a multi-segmented cylinder that I bend. I do this by rotating the cylinder and path so that the cylinder is best oriented for bending. I then just make each bend accordingly. It was tough at first, but I've got it down now.

I wish I did this for a living. I actually would like to get into this with several real good fabrications and engine guys I know. Just lack the $$ and the guts to do it now. So I'm playing around with design now.

04-13-2005, 08:40 PM
here's a proof of a promotional poster that has 7 versions of one bike design. I had to blur the company logos on each bike as the project is not yet closed.

04-13-2005, 11:41 PM
mmmmm... all that shiny metal, looks awsome with all those bike lined up.

14 and famous
04-14-2005, 08:53 AM
amazing models pall but how long did it took you to make them all??

04-23-2005, 06:53 AM
these are really great! i love the chrome youve managed to get there,, i am doing a similar project, (a buggy) and there is abit of chrome on mine but it looks nothing as good as yours at the mo, this is my first stab at 3d so its all a big learning curve.

if its not too much trouble could you post the settings to achieve that chrome?

many thanks


04-25-2005, 12:36 AM
may have allready posted but >>>Thats incredible.

04-25-2005, 04:00 PM
Truely inspiring work. The headlights are now exactly as I think they should be. You've got the organic shapes down to a finely honed skill. Why not submit them to the AC guys from Discovery, or other design houses (though they probably just rip you off).

Better yet!!! See if any of the US biker mags might want to use them. They always look for the unusual to keep their customer interested. Any one of them on their conver should bring you some $$ and them a pretty picture to have the mag fly off the shelves. Let them know that you can turn them and show them in different ways or lights. Give it a shot. Doesn't cost you any more than posting them here.

Love your work and thanks for sharing.


04-25-2005, 07:12 PM
I really appreciate the comments. It's mutual respect that keeps 3D junkies like us going. I really like the idea about the bike mag, I may just give that a go. I'll let you know how that works out.

Thanks again.

04-25-2005, 11:23 PM
You're welcome. I'm curious too. The good thing with the 3D model-based graphics is that you can meet any of their requirements relatively easy. The grunt work is done, the models are built and textured. Also, don't just try one mag, try a number of them. I remember that one of them featured custom LW bikes created by a former Newtek employee, now living in Australia, I believe.

Anyway, please do let me know.