View Full Version : SW:BattleFront Modeler Export Plug-in

12-20-2004, 12:12 AM
Hi there.
In my quest to broaden my horizons as a Lightwaver I have been looking more and more into modding for games and my favorite right now is SW:Battlefront.
XSI has announced they are going to be working on a XSI to BF model conversion utility. I am wondering if anyone here on the forums with some gaming and coding skills might be interested and perhaps newtek's lightwave kats have been playingn this and have though of a similar concept for Lightave Users for modding SW:Battlefront maps, textures, etc.
there are already a few tools that you can check out at www.lucasforums.com in the battle fronts section under "editing".

If anyone has any leads on how this might be doable, please keep me posted.