View Full Version : spot comes mad when targeting a null

12-18-2004, 03:56 PM

I'm getting a strange result with the "mixing" of parenting / targeting items :
The Content folder is enclosed, no matter about the objects there are only
2 cubes as examples so the .zip is very light.

I have a camera, moving along a path, and targetting a Null that is also
moving along a(nother) path.
Now I have a spotlight that should :
- be parented to the camera (should follow the same path movement)
- target the same null object

BUT the light should be translated a bit from the camera's position,
let's say after I parent the spot to the camera I need to move the spot
2 meters up on Y axis and 2 meters on the right (X axis).

The trouble is that when I do this the spot turns on itself in any
directions, and does not target the Null at all.

In the enclose scene there are 2 spots : one that is "only" parented
to the camera (so it targets correctly the Null), one that is translated a bit
and that targets theorically the null, but that actually is mad !

any help appreciated

12-19-2004, 04:51 AM
Instead of parenting, which will have it "inherit" both position and rotation of the camera, use a constraint. Try using Follower in Motion Options, it's quite easy to use - Just select what item and what channels to follow and enter any offset you'd like (in your case 2,2,0m; don't forget to remove the exisiting keyframe or reset it to 0,0,0). You could also try setting up IK and using a goal as an alternative to targeting.