View Full Version : virtual actors, another angle to look into

12-17-2004, 03:07 PM
i know it's still early days for cgi to make it's way into film on a large basis but i'm sort of intrigued that as yet we haven't seen a proper usage of a virtual actor..
by that i mean that you create a character model and use it in one film then as you would with a real human actor you can use them for completely different roles in other cgi films...no one has to my kowledge done this as yet...obviously there have been sequals to cgi films such as shrek 2 and toy story 2 but when i mean virtual actors they would be in totally differnt films just as you would see a real actor..my main idea here is that it take a huge amount of time to create a character model/rig it and get it to speak etc so why not save some of that investment and get it for a small % for the next film where you just need to put new clothes on them and your ready to go into production for another cgi film...as always there will be some character that will not readily move to other films such as shrek or woody...or nemo!...but the princess fiona or the main female characer in final fantasy [with it's huge r & d cost] could get some milage out of a already built and up n running cgi VACTOR.

just a thought!....oh and my characters i'm creating at the moment WILL be repurposed in other animated adventures...just need to finish making them first!

12-17-2004, 04:02 PM
Actually I've used basic virtual actors in a few productions (low budget student works) in situations where it would otherwise be impossiable to do a shot. One was a guy falling off a building. The shot was long enough that it wasnt noticeable that it was CG and otherwide we would have had to make up a reason for not showng it. I've used them lots of times for stuff like that. Stunt work type of stuff where they don't get too close to the camera. Also I used them to fill in some extras in a crowd shot. Nothing fancy but it works