View Full Version : some scene won't render with LW8 or LW7.5D

12-17-2004, 10:05 AM
1- I had to re-open an old project to render a small thing for a client.
the scene used interpolated radiosity. it worked fine in 7.5c, even at high resolution.
. the problem is when I opened it in LW8.1 today , at the end of the second pass, lw crash .(everytime, at the end of pass2)
(it will crash when "intergrating pixel" when the second pass is finish)
(in lw8.1, if I would turn off interpolated radiosity, it would render fine)
I opened the scene back in LW7.5c and it worked fine.

But that might be a problem for a future project. just letting you guys know.

2- at home (less important I guess..) I was trying to re-open 2 of my old projects made with 7.5c, (in those project, I used volumetrics, displacement,etc.. and some other stuff.)
after I installed 7.5d, those 2 scenes won't open at all, it will crash in the middle..
I have no idea why. and they crash all time at the same position.

I can all time re-install 7.5c to open those file, but it seeem like a important bug...
I'm willing to send my project to newtek if they want to investigate that..