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12-15-2004, 10:27 PM
Professional Modeler, Texture Painter and Animator Robin Konieczny, co-founder of the award winning studio Asylum 3D releases his first of many BodyPaint 3D 2 training videos through KURV studios.

Robin Konieczny and Asylum 3D have worked closely with Passion Pictures on projects such as the Mini Martians add (won a LEAF award), EA Games Cat Woman, all three of EA Games series for Harry Potter. Robin was also the principle modeler texturing and lighting artist on Robbie Williams "Let love be your energy" music video and won the character design award along with Matt Westrup (co founder at Asylum 3D) at Copenhagen 3D Festivals for their work on Gorillaz.Brits 3D music video. View more about Robin Konieczny at NewTek Europe here http://www.newtek-europe.com/uk/community/lightwave/asylum/asylum_1.html or at Asylum 3D here www.asylum3d.co.uk.

Get into BodyPaint 3D 2 is designed to introduce you to BodyPaint 3D’s interface and bring you up to speed on the tool set as quickly as possible. Robin starts by showing you how to add BodyPaint to your favorite 3D package. He then walks you through customizing the interface, showing you the available views, and the BodyPaint 3D 2 workflow. From there Robin shows you what each tool in BP2 does and helps you understand their possible uses. After watching this video you should feel very comfortable with BodyPaint 3D 2 and have a sound working knowledge of the tool set, interface and texture paint workflow.

If you have been thinking about purchasing BodyPaint 3D 2, this video will give you an incredible preview of the software but, we assure you that BodyPaint will fit right into your workflow. Since there is a fully operational demo of BodyPaint 3D included with Get into BodyPaint 3D 2, this video is great for evaluating if BP2 is for you. If you recently bought BodyPaint 3D 2 and would like a professional introduction to the software, this video is for you as well.

Get ready to “Get into BodyPaint 3D 2”!

About BodyPaint 3D 2:
BodyPaint 3D Release 2 will revolutionize the way you texture your 3D models. Regardless of how you've textured before, 3D texturing has never been easier. BodyPaint 3D makes painting by vectors as easy as painting by numbers.

Forget flat compromises and paint in three dimensions. BodyPaint 3D offers the ultimate control over your textures with complete layers, filters and tablet support - all optimized for working in 3D. With BodyPaint 3D you can paint on up to ten channels with a single stroke, so a brush can define an entire material rather than a single color. Plus, BodyPaint 3D's exclusive RayBrush™ technology lets you view the results of your painting real-time in a rendered image.

BodyPaint 3D's Projection Painting tool makes distortion-free painting a snap. This quick and easy tool lets you paint across UV seams or even multiple objects in a scene.

Even the most complex UV coordinates can be tamed with the help of a complete suite of UV editing tools. BodyPaint 3D includes three automatic UV unwrapping algorithms, including the new Optimal Cubic Mapping system.

Get into BodyPaint 3D 2 can be purchased through KURV studios at www.kurvstudios.com/bodypaint.