View Full Version : Bit off-topic: Communication

Thomas M.
12-14-2004, 04:52 AM
I know that there may be other forums or web sites, but as I do like this community quite a lot and guess one or the other user of LW has the same needs I want to post my question here.

Is there an easy and cheap way to communicate to somebody (e.g. art director) with a web-cam? I do know that a friend of mine used to talk to a lot of persons in a chat forum by using a web-cam and headset. When talking to an art director about the latest work I (and he) feel the need to point at certain areas in an image. So do it by looking at an image and not by exchanging pixel positions would be my prefered choice. But I don't like the idea to use an other service provider to do this. Can I directly send the stream to his ip address? What soft and hardware do I need (Mac)?

If somebody can give me a hint it would be most welcome.