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12-09-2004, 03:41 PM

I´m art directing a logosequence for a minor movie company. We have decided to use 3D for the animation. The sequence is about 12 seconds long and will be made up of a very long row of people moving forwards, probably using some sort of crowd simulation. We won´t go for a photorealistic style, since it will look outdated in a couple of years.

So, I´m looking for styles and manners that can give me inspiration for how the look of the animation will be. Since I just dabble in 3D myself (Lightwave of course), any help in the form of links to 3D artists or the like who doesn´t work in a photorealistic manner would be very much appreciated. It could be cartoony, painterly, avantgarde or whatever.

Here is a link to some amazing and innovative thinking that I´m after: http://fra.dozign.com/

Any help would be appreciated.


Johan Grönwall

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