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12-08-2004, 08:18 PM
Ive built a 3D model in Lightwave 7.5 modeller by using a background image as a reference. The model is very basic and lines up exactly with the background image. Ive then gone into Lightwave layout and applied a front projection map image to the whole surface of the model I created in modeller, but the model and projection is not the same. It appears to have defromed some how. The model is of truck if its any help. Can some one help me know whats going on?

12-09-2004, 12:12 AM
Hi Carls,
I think your having problems due to several reasons heres a few tips

Ideally you should be using your surface editor to texture your truck front image projection mapping has it place, but not really that useful for texturing the side of a model.

If you have some very detailed textures it may be worth using UV mapping to add your images to the model and break the model down into seperate surfaces / textures.

Going back to the orginal problem, what did you take the pictures or images your are trying to project with E.G DV, Hi 8, 16 mm or 35 mm film??? If any of the above have you set the camera in Lightwave to the same setting with regards to size and pixel aspet ratio?

Hope one or all these suggestions help :)

12-09-2004, 01:51 AM
The benefits of having two programs that should be one :o

In modeller you have a flat view compared to the camera view in layout. So if you want a comparable view move your camera waaaay back and use a telephoto lens like 500 mm or so.