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12-07-2004, 05:03 PM
I NEED YOUR HELP!! Folks I got a strange question that I hope someone can help. I downloaded a *.zip file back in November 2004, entitled "projects.zip" and this file contains items related to Lightwave, such as *.jpg, *.png, *.lwo, *.eps, *.iff, *.hps & one READ_ME.txt file that says:

Greetings LightWaver!

Here, you'll find the project files used throughout
the book's tutorials.

All you need to do to properly set these up is:

In LightWave, Layout or Modeler, press the O key.
That's O as in OH! Not zero.
There, where it says "Content Directory" click it,
and point to this DVD, and then to the Projects folder.
Click ok.

Now, when you load a scene, LightWave will open the Scenes
folder located within the Projects folder. When you click
Load Object, LightWave will open the Objects folder within
the Projects folder, and so on. Withing those folders, are
the individual chapter folders.

The content directory is discussed at the front of this book,
at the back in Appendix C, and in your LightWave manuals.
You can copy these files to your hard drive. If you want to,
just drag the Projects folder over. Then, you would set your
content directory to yourdrive:\\Projects.

Finally, not all chapters have folders, and some chapters
only have an objects folder, or just an image folder.
Don't freak out if you think that a folder is missing.
It's not.


what I'm trying to ascertain is where in the hell did I download this zip file from and why? Also, is there anyone who is familiar with the "READ_ME.TXT file above? Any help would be greatly appreciated!

12-08-2004, 01:59 AM
hmmmm looks like the projects file from Dan's Inside LW8, not that sure though