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12-03-2004, 02:10 PM
NewTek Toaster/Flyer NLE System complete.
Amiga 4000T
2 DPS TBC VI cards, 1 DPS Component Adapter card
Includes 2 additional mini drive towers
Toaster/Flyer 4.2 (includes all CDís & disks from all versions)
Flyer 8MM tape backup
YCP200 Y/C converter
Two 1062 color monitors (Preview/Program & Control)
Keyboard & mouse

Milliemum, Short Cuts, Club Toaster 4, Multi-Cam Editor, Control Tower,
Wavemaker, Image FX, VFX 1-4, Render FX, Composite Studio, Brilliance

The Best of LIGHTWAVEPRO Compilation Book (includes CD-ROM), Joe Tracy's
Flyer Mastery Guide - version 2.0, Mastering Toaster Technology, Complete Post
Production with the Video Toaster by Burt Wilson, Video Toaster User 101
Toaster Tricks by Lee Stranahan

VIDEO TOASTER USER presents Beyond the Edge, PRO Flying Logo
Techniques - Tony Stutterheim, DIMENSION Technologies for LightWave 3D,
Lightwave 3D Advanced Features - John Gross,
Lightwave 3D Essentials for Video Toaster 4000 - Lee Stranahan,
Lightwave 3D Quickstart - John Gross,
Video Toaster Flyer Essentials - Stan Shumlick,
Video Toaster Advanced Techniques - Stan Shumlick,
Great Toaster Graphics - Powerful Video Graphic Techniques for the VT
All manuals included.