View Full Version : Trouble w/ LWSN (7.5b) w/ linux nodes

04-10-2003, 01:46 PM
I am trying to set-up LWSN (7.5b) to run with nodes under Linux,
Windows98, and OSX, and driven from a Lightwave installation on
WindowsXP. I have gotten ScreamerNet to see all of the nodes, but am
having problems with the path-name resolutions. In part, I am having
trouble because ScreamerNet is really not giving real "ERRORS" when it
doesn't find files sometimes, and I have searched all of the
documentation I could find, but all of it seems to be dealing with
"homogeneous" environments (i.e. same OS for renderer and nodes so that
one can have paths on all of the machines that are the same).

I believe the Linux node was able to see the scene-file and (most of)
the plug-ins using the -c and -d flags to LWSN. It doesn't seem to write
any output files, though. There are no error messages, but there is one
message that says it is rendering to a file with a WindowsXP SMB type
pathname (\\host\path\to\file), which, of-course, the Linux machine uses
a different format to do network paths. Since LWSN isn't giving any
error messages, I can only guess that this is the problem (unless it
might be doing some automatic pathname resolution, but since no files
are written out, it can't be doing it correctly). How do I specify where
to put the output files in a way that the Linux render nodes can
understand? Note that this seems to happen even when I try to use the -3
options of specifying scene-file and -c/-d for setting it up (since the
output path is still being taken from the scene).

The Windows98 nodes seem to be having trouble even finding the scene
file. This time, at least, there is a message at the beginning saying
"Can't locate scene file xxxx" but it seems to continue rendering
(why?), but again no files appear. This seems to be that under WindowsXP
paths are of the form "\\host\path\to\file" while Windows98 has it
"Y:\path\to\file". I don't know how to map a 'Y:' drive under WindowsXP,
and since I don't think I can set-up SMB under my 'Windows98' (since it
is actually being run from the limited Windows Emulator for Linux
'WINE'), I am again stuck with trying to get LWSN to do path-name

Any links on how to do this, or other suggestions would be greatly