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12-01-2004, 05:28 PM
Hi, my name is Carlos Correia and i have 26 years old.
I am a 3d artist searching for a job. My goal is to work in a creative team doing top cg graphics.
I have a 5 year experience in the advertising industry, worked in post-production facilities specialized in 2d/3d graphics animation, my 3d tool is Lightwave where i do modelling, surfacing, characther setup, animation,
particles fx, rigid bodies dynamics and cloth effects. Also know 3D studio Max quite good, i am learning Maya for a while to be ready for the market needs, i use MotionBuilder to do all the characther animation and Real Flow for fluid simulations.
I know compositing systems such as, Avid Media Illusion, Cyborg and Combustion, where i composite my 3D work, ive done some matchmoving using Boujous to integrate CG with real-life footage, i can say i am familiar whit most of the post principles.
I also feel very comfortable working for web, creating vectorial graphics using Swift 3D exporter, Flash and Toonboom where i am able to take hand drawings from paper to vectors, paint and scene planing. Corel Draw and Photoshop as complementary tools.
I already make some stuff for arquitecture, volume studys, previsualization ilustrations.

my website:

my reel (zipped, divx):

my resume cv:

ps- I am from Portugal. Relocation isn't a problem for me.

Carlos Correia
[email protected]

12-02-2004, 10:03 AM