View Full Version : Syntheyes, Boujou, Matchmover.... ah ah ho

11-25-2004, 11:50 PM
Read the article if you're intersted in tracking stuff around... (should have posted in Archi-viz section...)

These people claim how much money they saved by using Boujou for tracking a shot that syntheyes could resolve in no time...

all that 3D tracking story is crazy .... (I wonder if those people are for real, and if it's not just a commercial for Boujou...)


Point is that the finish product look very amateurish... look the lawn... ha ha

I understand finding a job in previz-archi has more to do with politics (who U know, relations, connections...) than talent or quality... (I dont say I have talent, but I think I do quality stuff.. )

I'd like to hear your POV on this LW'ers... even U NT.... :D ;)

jin choung
11-26-2004, 02:18 AM
i have a nagging and sneaking suspicion that very little in life is about talent or quality.

"the race does not go to the swiftest"... when they say that life is not fair, they mean it and this is one of the concrete details of that lil' injustice.

oh well...

yah, and i completely agree about syntheyes. it's one of those things that just radically changes the market.

boujou and matchmover better pray that syntheyes doesn't get more exposure.

btw herve, didja get the lens distortion tool? boy, i remember an older article in cinefex where they were talking about having to first remove the lens distortion, integrate the cg and then reincorporate the lens distortion to the completed shot....

gotten much easier.


11-26-2004, 04:37 AM
... well U get a distortion tool (command line) with Image modeler... which I use to calculate camera (position-rotation-lens mm) and objects positions... Image modeler gives you a disto number you have to input in the distool... :)

I've look at it again... jeez doing an heli shot for a poor render like that kills me, oh and they even claimed... "cinema techniques used in archviz"... ha ha ha.... :D