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11-24-2004, 11:08 AM
I posted this on the Yahoo list and have been overwhelmed with the response.
This is the only other VT forum I frequent, so I thought in fairness and (in
view of the short remaining time) I'd better copy it here too:

************************************************** *********

In case you all had forgotten, the end of the month signals the end of the
introductory pricing on "Bob's LightWave Connect." After that the MSRP
rises to $299.00, and the end of the month is nigh!

Many of you who are registered ToyBox users have taken advantage of our
special loyalty offer on LW_C (and there's still time for you few remaining
slowpokes.) :)

But *this* post is to announce that -- in celebration of the overwhelming
success of this plugin -- I'm doing a 'Blue Light Special" for the next 5
days only on a ToyBox/LW_Connect bundle. This deal will never be repeated,
and represents savings of about $70.00 over unbundled pricing ... and
$170.00 saving when compared to the price when the sale is over!

E-mail offlist or call for full details. Don't put it off, as this really
isn't going to last.

http://www.toastergarage.com/lwconnect/ - there's no easier way to add LW's
horsepower to VT-Edit in VT[3] or VT[4] with either LW 7.5 or 8.x
(especially if you don't know LW.)

http://www.vtworx.com/toybox/ - and there's no easier way to get good
looking CG elements out of Aura or Mirage than with the ToyBox (especially
if you don't know Aura or Mirage.)

11-30-2004, 07:55 AM
Just another reminder: this is the last day for the special below. I must say this has been quite a ride -- certainly the best received VT plugin of all time in my experience.