View Full Version : Requesting advice from community on how to sell VT

11-22-2004, 11:42 PM
I'm re-posting this thread here, originally had mis-placed in the VT community group. Request has been placed to get rid of the old thread under community.

To start I would like to thank everyone on these forums for their help, both from me passively reading helpful posts, and from answering my questions directly.

I would like to ask the toaster community for some advice on how best to sell my VT2. Sadly, I simply don't have the time anymore to do contract projects from home, which was the purpose I originally purchased the toaster for. For the last year I've been grinding away animating in lightwave at work for season 5 of Andromeda, while my VT gathers dust at home and has barely been used.

The VT is really a great system, it just seems like such a waste for it just to sit there unused while I have other debts collecting interest waiting to be paid...

What would you folks suggest as price to ask for a VT2 considering the upgrade costs for going to VT4 from VT2 (600 to 800 I think depending on whether you want lightwave 8), verses the full cost of a VT4 (3700 to 4000 I think ?). I have the animators edition if that matters (includes full version of lightwave) I'm not selling my computer, just the VT2. Although I suppose I have 4 80GB harddrives and a 4 port 3ware Raid card up for grabs too (seperately or together with the VT2).

If you were in my shoes would you opt towards just putting it on Ebay (I've never sold anything on ebay though, kind of nervous) or try and sell to someone in the online community ?

I'm not in a rush, so maybe through this forum I can find my VT a happy home. I hope this can be a good oportunity for someone wanting to save money getting a VT4, as the upgrade cost from VT2 to VT4 is the same as VT3 to VT4, thanks NewTek !

Thanks everybody in advance,

Feel free to contact me directly with any questions or any reasonable offers...

PS I'm located in the Vancouver area, British Columbia, Canada