View Full Version : TrueBump v1.5 has been released!

11-21-2004, 07:11 PM
TrueBump is LightWave Modeler plug-in to transfer fake bump map to true geometry on the object surface. It has unique in the world abilities of painting displacements with air-brush on the object surface!

You could read more, see screen-shots and purchase product on-line at following URI:



Changes made in the 1.5 (20-Nov-2004):

- Completely rewritten point normal vector calculating technique.
- The large speed increase of the main building function, thanks to using hash table for calculating point normal vector.
- Many clean up and optimizations in the entire plug-in.
- Added security check to ensure that Segments parameter is always in proper positive range.
- Added Refresh button in Texture source mode to refresh object after modifing texture in the Texture Editor.
- Removed remembering Segments parameter after finishing session in the plug-in. Now you have to set it manually each time you run it. This way after using big Segments value and running plug-in another time, you don't have to in some cases very long wait for building object.

Changes made in the 1.0 (15-Feb-2004)

- The first official (Windows and Macintosh) release.