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11-21-2004, 08:06 AM

I'm using VT3 on a drama play that is based on live video.
Toaster is being used as a live edit and to playback video and pictures from
several DDR's. Play is almost 4 hours long so it's quite a project.

I've been having some nasty broblems with CG player - Im using CG player to key subtitles and moving graphics and so.

First broblems that I had was CG player jamming on "loading" request when I opened my module configuration or started VT and my custom configuration auto-loading on startup. Only thing I could do was to force quit VT - this bug rendered my module configuration useless (coz I couldn't load em with out freezing), but I started to quit all CG players before saving or exiting VT, and open then manually and everything worked fine.

Now I have had few freezes in situation when I switch CG player graphics on or off program pushing fade DSK key. When I push, key's light does not go off after the fade as usual, and all modules freeze - meaning I can oly switch between main and preview, but can't change input or select any menus or change DDR .etc r quit VT and only option is to reboot machine. You can imagine this sucks when you have full house watching a play depending on video.

Everything else works SUPER.

Has anyone had similar broblems or any hints how to prevent this

My computer is 2 x xeon 3.06 GHz and 2 Gigs of RAM
Super micro computer
Super workstation 7033a-t
with 1 tera RAID and Matrox parhelia 128 MB

Ville Hyv÷nen

[email protected] :(

Paul Lara
11-22-2004, 06:54 AM
any hints how to prevent this behaviour?

My first suggestion would be to use a DDR instead of CG Player for your titles.

11-23-2004, 02:13 PM
My first suggestion would be to use a DDR instead of CG Player for your titles.

I'm keying titles on top of live-video and video from DDR's (switching back and forth) so I can't think of a way going that with DDR.

11-23-2004, 02:15 PM
You can assign the ddr as a dsk in the switcher, just like the cg player.

12-16-2004, 01:23 PM
Look y'all.

Enough with that "don't use the CGPlayer" It's supposed to work AS ADVERTISED. We use the CGPlayer AND the DDR. Doe sthe CG player work or doesn''t it. If it doesn't work, it should be removed. VT[3] has been performing nicely for sometime, but with 11 systems the bugs can be pretty tedious. FIX THE CG PLAYER,.

Our VT[3]s have the same problems. They crank along for a while, then Reboot.

I let a test machine sit at CMOS setup overnight, no problems, I then let it sit at the windows desktop overnight, no problems, Lastly, I left it on over night with the toaster running, and sure enough it had restarted in night.

Something is wrong with the software guys.