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11-17-2004, 01:19 AM
Sunday,November 21,2004, 2pm

Ed Caracappa-Boxx Technologies

Hi Folks

Wow!...How time flies. 2004 is already at an end. The most exciting thing
this year was the much awaited release of LightWave 8. We hope 2005 will be an even greater year for our much beloved software.

For this meeting Ed Caracappa of Boxx Technologies will do a presentation
"Workstation Configurations for Digital Content Creation". Ed will cover the
five key considerations when building or purchasing a workstation. Thank you
Ed and Boxx Technologies for your support

Larry Shultz---Character Rigging Q & A

Earlier this year I handed out questionaires to get an idea of what people
wanted us to cover in the meetings. Not surprisingly, character rigging and
animation were the most requested choices, so as a year end finale, we'll
end with character rigging and animation with the master of the craft, Larry
Shultz, so prepare your questions and anything you want help or want to know
about character rigging, IK Boost, IK set up, bones, weight maps, etc etc

November marks the final meeting for 2004. There's no meeting in December to
accomodate for holiday preparations. It is also at this time that I always
take the opportunity to thank everyone who helped make 2004 LALWUG a great

Jennifer Hachigian and Dave Jerrard, Larry Shultz ...thanks for all your
help and expertise...

Dustin Adair and Jerimiah Morey-----My two right hand people

To all who presented this year, Ed Caracappa, Colin Cohen, Rob Powers,
Philip Staiger, Don McCoy, Paul Ford...thank you very much.

Gene Turnbow for hosting our site...

Chris Robinson and Byron Jennings, thanks for providing the soft drinks

Donnetta and everyone at Newtek for all their support. Boxx
Technologies-thank you Kelly

A very special thanks to Eric Huelsman for graciously providing us with a
place to call home.

and last but not least to all the attendees for your unwavering
support...Happy Holidays and see you back in January of 2005

Jessica Vitale

PS...Meal of the day...Baked Chicken and Mashed potatos...No turkey, I don't
know how to make one...and of course Krispy Kremes...$5 at the door as
always...arrive by 1:30pm for the food..Meeting begins at 2pm

11-21-2004, 12:05 PM
Los Angeles, CA

Just to let you know, the website will be down for the better part of the day for a security overhaul...Here's the address to the meeting in case you try the website and it happens to be down...

Studio Arts at Los Angeles River Center and Gardens

570 West Avenue 26

Between Figueroa and San Fernando Road

11-26-2004, 09:49 PM
Mmmmm... Baked Chicken and Mashed Potatoes! Don't let my users hear that, they'll expect me to start cooking! Then again, we aren't allowed to have food in the University Lab anyway! :)

Just a quick 'Congrats' on running the LWUG for another great year, and hope to keep hearing about your meetings into 2005! Happy holidays to all the LWer's in LA and the US! :)

Kevman3D, NZLWUG 'KiWavers'

11-28-2004, 01:46 AM
H Kev...

Yeah we aren't allowed to have food in our lab but there's a lobby area where I set up the food...and yes I slaved over a hot stove into the wee hours of the morning...

Thanks for the kind words Kev...It was nice to meet you at Siggraph and I hope to see you again for Siggraph 2005 since it's back in Los Angeles....Happy Holidays to you, your wife, and the to all the Ki-Wavers....