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04-09-2003, 11:55 AM
Hey! I asked something to this effect in the lightwave forum, but I'll ask this here too.

How about Newtek makes some additional materials available to make life a little easier for us guys and girls in the trenches. I could really, really use a series of Lightwave scenes that are preconstructed and include the associated models for various production applications. Like LW scenes pre-setup for use with the FX creator such as ones for flying video planes, cubes, spheres, glass break, fancy wipes, etc. Also LW scenes with some generic components for environmental video overlay effects like clouds, sparks....you name it. There's lots of stuff that we could stand to have available and in the can which we could make last minute modifications to so they suit our particular projects perfectly.

What I guess I'm looking for is a series of preconstructed effects elements which we can build upon when needed. Very much like Hollywood Effects in that you can use them as they are canned or modify them as needed. How bout it Newtek?

04-09-2003, 06:00 PM
I'm not a lightwaver, but I am probably one of the few Toaster users NOT in Las Vegas :( so I'll reply with what I (think) I know:
A) Check the Community/member freebies section on this site - I think there is some lightwave stuff there.
B) I believe there are some 3rd party people selling (ugh!) what you are speaking of. In fact I just heard on the streaming video of this.