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02-12-2003, 06:23 PM
Announce: DVE: Lower Thirds Volumes 2-3 (Video Toaster)

DVE: Lower Thirds Volumes 2-3
Requirements: Video Toaster 2.0+ : NTSC/PAL


Full details:



Brief Description:

Eventually, most video editors need to create a lower third title or graphic of some type - particularly if you work on documentaries or news programs. The Lower Thirds DVE collections, as the name suggests, are designed to simplify the process of building lower third overlays.

At the basic level, these DVEs will take any video stream (video, stills, Effects/Solid Colors/, etc.), automatically mask it to a lower third size, and overlay the result onto the main video stream. The lower thirds appear with a soft fade in/out, and/or are animated in many practical ways. The inclusion of transparency variations insures that text and graphic overlays are easily readable against a changing background. And animation variations will allow you to add variety without losing consistency. Also, because they are DVEs, you can stretch the effect to any duration.

Each collection includes 30+ useful DVEs - which is to say, there are no gimicky, rarely usable DVEs in these collections. If you need a lower third, most of these DVEs should be appropriate for the job.


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