View Full Version : Umbilical Cables: Setup, Model, Animate

11-15-2004, 11:54 AM
I've browsed through a few alternatives and I'm still scratching my head as the best way to setup for animating umbilical cables between two objects.

Imagine a scene with two objects; separate objects from 2 model files. I want to join both with an umbilical cable. So that
1) as the objects move in relation to each other the cable retains its diameter but lengthens if required
2) and with few points the cable is easily animatable to simulate bends and such.

What I've reviewed:
1) Splinecontrol plugin
2) Shift Spline Transform
3) I know slightly of Roperig

So far I'v tried both with and without subpatches and they each have their quirks. Splinecontrol tends not to smooth object well and leaves a lot to be disired for kink control.

My questions:
1) To model the cable do I just model a long piece, subpatch it and load it to layout and perform deforms?
2) Is there an easyway to model the cable so that you can utilize the positions of objects from the scene?

A lot to read, but I hope there's a tried method that works well.