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11-14-2004, 03:48 PM
Hey guys, I'm new here and I've been having a problem with rendering a Quicktime animation in Lightwave. The problem is that the program would just suddenly crash when I tried to render a movie. When I click 'Options' in the 'Render Options' window, I get the Compression Settings window. Everything at the top is fine but the numbers in the 'Frames per second' and 'Key Frame every' boxes are abormally high. The # in the Fps box is around 7200 which does not seem right. If I do not change it, the program crashes. I tried changing the first box to '30' and the second box to '1' but the animation does not render even though it says it does. Do you guys know why this is happening and any way to fix it? Rendering has been my major problem for quite some time now even though the motion, as you saw, is basically done barring any minor changes.

11-14-2004, 04:24 PM
Honestly, I'll be no help for you with quicktime.
My help is in passing on the suggestions shared in the past: render to an rgb format then compile the animation after that.


Because if you are rendering to an avi format and it fails, you have nothing, nada, zilch. If you render to rgb and it crashes, you have everything up until the crash.

You could render to both for immediate gratification of the avi...unless it crashes. ;)
And my panel looks like this:

11-16-2004, 09:00 AM
you can't render rtv at small resolutions either what happens is exactly like your crash - as soon as you try to render rtv's at a lower resolution the renderer crashes - but upon reseting the size to normal resolution (720 x 4...)it does render - !! slower of course. :eek:

11-16-2004, 09:08 PM
From personal experiance, if lw crashes during exporting to some formats, and not the others, then its usually the codecs fault and now LW. I've had problems with various avi formats not compressing.. for example ill export into divx and the file size will be as big as uncompressed but still bad quality. Reinstalling the codec solved that problem 100% of the time. Ive never had problems with quicktime so i never had to reinstall it. Most of the time reinstaling quicktime (player) itself will reinstall the playback and encoding files into your system which then becomes available to any application that uses them (the various export codecs). Also a good way to test this is to try to export to quicktime with a different program such as something for video editing. Ive found that if lw fails others most likely will too and then you can be sure its the codec itself. Also try reinstalling LW's export plugins if the codec itself isnt corrupted.

I really hope that helps, its worked for me in the past (2 days ago after reinstalling media player 10, avi format crashed LW. Did a reinstall and now works perfectly... go fig.)

Oh and sorry for using the word codec so often :)