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11-10-2004, 08:35 AM

I do have a couple of stars, and the alpha is being produced with flare2alpha, however I've tried various 3rd party plugins but they produced the same results. The stars themselves are fine, the alpha looks fine at first glance, but when you look harder at the alpha you will notice a slight difference, a sort of 'glow'. Unfortunately this glow is also responsible for visible 'spots' if you import it into a post production package that utilizes the alpha.

Is there a way to eliminate that tiny glow in the alpha? Since it is not visible in the normal RGB screen, and turning the alpha plugin off, well, particles are no objects, so the alpha will become useless, and we need the alpha.

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Okay, so we do know that various plugins like TuffLittleUnits' AlphaRalpha (with the 'remove backdrop' setting enabled. If you work in AfterEffects, this works splendid, however, users of Avid Adrealine, beware. Adrealine tends to choke on small alpha's. Thus creating annoying 'shadows' under the particles, since it is not able to read the alpha's correctly. In order to fix this problem, or to minimize it, do the following:

- Make sure there is no shade on the stars themselves, they should not be transparant.
- Try to avoid fading out, when fading out, the stars leave a black trail.
- Try avoiding a light background, a moderate dark background (think the Disney blue with the tinkerbell stars) masks a lot.
- On the preview monitor there might still be little shadows, but do check the normal TV if you have that one connected.

So Newtek, my bad ;)